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Hello, my name is Toni Colton, I am a nurse practitioner with 25 years of medical experience in multiple different healthcare settings. Helping my patients achieve their best health has been a passion of mine since day one. However, the typical healthcare model comes with many restrictions and rarely focuses on the WHY of disease and illness. 

My story: In 2017, I began battling a 3 year mystery illness that deprived me of my quality of life. I saw seven different specialists to try to find answers, had several different vague diagnoses, and was offered medications to improve my symptoms. Then, in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the U.S.  I was determined to improve my health or die trying. Then I found The Institute for Functional Medicine. I began the education and certification process and fell in love with treating the root cause of illness. Through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, I slowly began to feel better. I addressed things like nutrient deficiencies, stress management, and toxin exposures. 

Functional Medicine removes the obstacles of insurance restrictions and allows for more time to connect with patients establishing a healing and therapeutic relationship. I want you to be the best you and ascend from a place of illness to wellness, and I know I can help. 


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