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My Services

Putting Patients First

Initial Exams

One hour and 45min sounds like a long time to spend with a clinician. But, when you are trying to determine the root cause of your illness, you need to start from the beginning. When was the last time you felt well? What was the environment in which you grew up? What kinds of illnesses run in your family? These are all subjects that need to be addressed. You will get the quality time discussing your health that you can no longer get with your typical healthcare visit.

Psychologist Session

Lab Tests and Screenings

Labs and screening tools can be significantly helpful in determining where and what the underlying issues are that are causing dis-ease. A lot of screening tools are little to no cost. Labs can be of great benefit but can be costly as well. Some functional medicine specific tests aren't covered under health insurance. I will always meet the patient where they are and what they are willing and can afford to gather as much information about their current state of health as possible.

Lab Experiments

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